Considering that the furthest we are going anytime soon is from the bedroom to the internet, our usual compact makeup mirrors are not so functional right now. To get the best out of applying makeup, it always helps to see the full details and effects of every bit of application. To level up your makeup routine and create perfect zoom meeting looks, high-tech light up mirrors are highly recommended.

Light-up mirrors in recent times have seen some great innovations boasting fancy technologies which illuminate imperfections, enhance touch-ups, and help us master techniques in HD. They show a well-lit reflection, making tasks like eyebrow tweezing, shaving and eyeshadow blending a whole lot easier. For instance, the iHome Reversible Vanity Mirror comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can blast your tunes as you give yourself a glow-up.

We definitely recommend adding these clever mirrors to your Wishlist and stepping up your beauty game.  Here are some of the best light up mirrors you can shop now from Amazon.

Wenko Imperial Cosmetic Mirror, £161.97, Amazon

Wenko Imperial Cosmetic Mirror

 Dubbed ‘a multifunctional media centre’, this mirror has built-in USB, Bluetooth, radio, clock, speakers and microphone. And another really cool feature is the motion sensor, if you’re not standing in front of the mirror for too long, it will turn itself off.

 Doxungo Creative 2-in-1 Make-Up Mirror, £33.01, Amazon

Doxungo Creative 2-in-1 Make-Up Mirror

This is a double value for your money because it not only serves as a makeup mirror but when rotated horizontally, it is an adorable desk lamp. As a mirror, it has LED lights around the edge, and a touch screen to adjust the brightness as desired. It also has brightness memory; in case you find the perfect setting and want to save it.

HoMedics Approach Mirror, £79.99

HoMedics Approach Mirror

This light-up double-sided mirror has one natural reflection view and a seven times magnified side for close-up needs such as applying eyeliner or tweezing your eyebrows. It boasts a rotating dimmer switch for variable lighting intensity, so you can amp things up in the winter and tone them down in the summer.

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror, £36

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror

Tweezerman has been designed with three light settings, so you can see how you’d like in daylight, evening light and indoor light. It’s simple to switch between the three, making makeup application a breeze, and the mirror is super clear from edge to edge with no distortion.

Broadcare Double Sided Cosmetic Mirror, £35

Broadcare Double Sided Cosmetic Mirror

This mirror replicates a more natural, diffused light. The light simply switches on and off via a sensor and it’s charged through a USB cable. The best part is the solid, compact design that makes it portable and perfect for post-lockdown. You will no longer need to seek out reflective surfaces on those weekends away.


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