The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Department of Religious Studies and the African Gender Institute, together with American Muslim philosopher Professor Amina Wadud, are celebrating 25 years of championing Muslim women’s religious authority. 

Through a series of events taking place between 18 and 25 August at various venues, the Gender Ethics and Religious Authority 2019 Programme imagines a different future for women’s religious leadership and commemorates 25 years of gender-inclusive ethics. 

In 1994, Wadud delivered a revolutionary pre-khutbah talk at the Claremont Main Road Mosque. This was followed by a similar event in New York in 2005, significantly shaping a global movement for gender-inclusivity in religious leadership. 

In Women’s Month 2019, this history of the struggle for gender justice is being recognised and deepened via the exchange between Muslim female academics, women from the community and others seeking to promote inclusivity in Islam. 

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