While beauty standards have been evolving over recent years, each society has developed its own definition of what it means to be beautiful. Social media has brought those societies together, in a way that has transformed the negative connotation to the hijab for many!

Western media and culture in particular often defines a version of beauty in a much uniformed visual representation: slim woman with light skin and long flowing hair that is commonly sexually inclined, so expecting a hijab-wearing olive to dark woman, covered up in modesty to be regarded the same by the same media, was much of a stretch to achieve. But then social media happened and gave the common woman the tool to declare herself beautiful without seeking validation from media, became one of the most pivotal movements in the beauty industry.

While those who observe hijab are frequently viewed as foreign (as exemplified by the recent attacks on prominent figures like Representative Ilhan Omar), the Muslim American women and the hijab is actually becoming more common than before.

But no matter how much negativity is constantly being thrown at the visual of a hijabi woman, the great thing about social media is the unity that people from across the world showed in dismissing the prejudice notion of a hijab.

Social media is the driving force behind redefining the meaning of beauty; in a way that whether you where your hijab in America, Africa or the Middle East, you are free to proudly exhibit it, as it is part of who you are.

The biggest change in the beauty industru in many ways, has been emotionally. and that has influenced psychologically, and even physically free.

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