Layered necklace pieces are the trend now, a fashion forward way to express your personality and style. With the endless possibility of combinations, you’re always sure to make an elegant fashion statement that expresses your unique personality without having to say a word! Here are some tips to stack and layer your jewellery;

Play with lengths

Choose a variety of pieces you own with different lengths to wear them together. Always pick an anchor piece, this is the one that will be the closest to your neck, preferably with a pendant or choker. Combine that piece with a longer and longest chain for the perfect look that allows each piece to stand on its own to create a fabulous balance.

Mix and match styles

Combining different styles will help to add depth to the overall look. Mixing modern with more traditional pieces is a great start. Choose a shorter piece, like a simple diamond or pearl necklace, and combine it with a longer piece that doesn’t overshadow the shorter piece’s design. Make sure the styles complement each other.

Have a sense of synergy

Whether layering your necklaces or your earrings, it is always wise to have some synergy. Also keep in mind that your outfit is key to finalizing all your jewellery decisions. Consider your top’s colour, designs, and details. For instance, a simple top will make your layered and stacked jewellery resonate and be more noticeable. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new!


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