An amazing page on Instagram, @DarkSkinnedHijabis is the brainchild of 24 year old London based graphic designer and artist, Hodhen Liaden. The Instagram page ‘Dark Skinned Hijabis’ in order to uplift the dark skinned hijab women worldwide, as they are a ”Minority within a minority”.

The page was created in November 2017 and gained over 1K followers within 24 hours. The Instagram page now stands at almost 21k followers, and has has over 700 women around the globe use the hashtag #DarkskinnedHijabis to be featured on the page.

The page was created to tackle colorism and showcase the beauty of Dark Skinned Muslim of all races. “I couldn’t help but notice the lack of representation of Muslim women in the beauty community and even more so the unrepresented side of the melanin spectrum.” Laiden told BuzzFeed recently.

She also explained that she has experienced colorism first hand and knows exactly what it feels like to speak up and feel ignored. This platform is a breath of fresh air for the Dark Skinned Muslim community “For the longest time, I felt that I was the only one, fighting my battles alone waiting to be heard.”

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